This is a page to help calculate the price of commissions you might be considering! None of the prices are final and may be changed due to various factors such as character complexity.

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If you want something not described below, such as refined pieces, full scenes, reference sheets, pixels, etc. feel free to ask me about it. This is only to give a basic estimate based on what is most commonly asked of me.

Note: All prices are in USD!

Commission Type

"Surprise Me!"


Sea Bunny Surprises (10)
Might contain one of the following*:
• Several quick doodles
• Waist-up sketch
• Chibi sketch

Leaf Sheep Surprises (20)
Might contain one of the following*:
• Several colored doodles
• 2~3 sketches
• A single colored waist-up or fullbody piece

Blue Dragon Surprises (30)
Might contain one of the following*:
• A full sketch sheet
• 2~3 colored sketches
• A sketchy scenic piece

* It is not limited to the examples givens. I could give more than that, or I may experiment and something entirely different such as a lineless piece or sprite. The tiers mostly determine how much time I spend on each. Notably, this means that asking for multiple characters- or especially complex characters- without increasing the amount you pay could affect how much I'm able to do.

Total: $0 for "Surprise Me!"

Character Pieces

Human Characters*

Busts (5)

Waist-ups (15)

Fullbodies (25)

Chibis (15)

These are the normal prices before coloring, click the 'Color' option in Extra to add it.
*Also counts anthros / furries / most two-legged characters.


Simple / Small Creatures (5)

Normal / Medium Creatures (10)

Complex / Large Creatures (15)

This is an idea of prices before coloring. Every creature is different and so the price may vary a lot. Pokemon have been provided as an example since it's what I'm asked to draw the most.
* This covers pretty much anything not human-like such as wolves, cats, etc.


0 Characters & Creatures (#)

Characters / Creatures that need to be designed (10)

* Moodboards and image compliations with many images to give ideas of a character's appearance are not considered a visual reference. It doesn't cost extra if you have a reference and you simply want me to draw them in another outfit

Total: $0 for Character Pieces